May 1, 2018

How to Speed Up My Computer, Tips and Tricks to To Speed Up Your Computer Performance

How to Speed Up My Computer, Tips and Tricks to To Speed Up Your Computer Performance
By Smit Chacha 
Over time all the computers tends to slow down and this leads us to buy new hardware equipments to maintain the current speed flow and performance of the machine. These upgrades over time can turn to be very expensive and this is why I want to share with you guys some of ways that you can speed up your computer performance with a fractions of the price.
So are you ready?
First of all let me tell you why your computer is slowing down, I think this very important to know the reason behind the slow downs. You see over time your machine gets saturated with useless data, what I mean is that your computer is getting cluttered with garbage.
What do I mean by garbage?
Well, every time you install and uninstall any programs there will be always files left behind, mainly registry files. And these files will get cluttered over time. This is the main cause of the problem so to fix it you must remove the entire "garbage" registry left over files.
To do that you must use a Registry Cleaner software program, these kinds of programs will search and remove all the invalid, corrupted and left over registry files. For more information about registry cleaners I strongly suggest visiting the link below.
Another way to speed up your machine is to remove the startup programs that you do not use often. To do this just go to home -> run and type "msconfig" and under the startup tab uncheck all the startup programs that you do not use often (restarting system may be required). By removing these startup programs you can free your computers memory by 30%.
A good way to use computer memory is to perform a disk defragmenter, this will organise your computer files and folder making it very easy to the machine to find the proper information. By doing this you will increase your computer speed by 20%.
Smit Chacha is a computer expert with over 8 years in the industry. He has an intimate knowledge of the windows registry and various register repair software.
After testing some of the top registry cleaners on the marker he has created a comprehensive review site that details his findings. Here is the website best registry cleaner [] to read his professional report.
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